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There's a few different versions of the Iris, so select the build guide below for the case that you have.

Iris CE

The Iris CE is the low-profile version that exclusively uses Kailh Choc V1 switches.

Iris CE Build Guide

Iris PE

The Iris PE has a sandwich-style case and has options to use a hotswap version of the PCB (Rev. 6-8) or a solderable version (Rev. 5)

Iris PE Rev. 6-8 Hotswap Build Guide

Iris PE Rev. 3-5 Build Guide

Iris AE (Aluminum Case)

The Iris AE (Aluminum Case) is a premium, aluminum CNC'd case for the Iris PCB.

Iris AE Build Guide

Iris SE

The Iris SE is also an aluminum case, but is a simpler, tray-mount case for the Iris PCB.

(Build guide still in developement)

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