To create a keyboard build guide, follow the instructions below. Make note of any special hardware that specific build needs that may make it different from other builds.

To write a build guide for a keyboard please answer the questions below. Create a copy of this document, then write out answers to the questions in a clear & warm manner. Omit any questions that don’t apply to the keyboard build you are making a guide for.

:::note Be sure to make your writing welcoming and warm. Use vocabulary that states things in a helpful and friendly manner. You're building a keyboard with a friend, excited to make something new! With a side dish of poptart cat. :::

Build Compatibility

Is this build similar to other builds?

  • List the other builds this is similar to: "Looks like you're working on the Iris! This build is similar to these other builds: ... So be sure to choose beforehand what you're most excited to see in front of your computer screen."

Watch out for...

  • List things someone making this build should be careful of/aware of: “Read me first! Before you start, consider if you’d like to make these optional additions (and/or make a note of things a user needs to be careful of): [list]. It works to choose otherwise, but these choices are open to you if you’re into them!”

Videos of Builds & Blogs

Name of YouTuber in Bold Title of video here.

List other blogs and websites that may include pointers or display support for the builds.

Parts List

  1. Have an image that showcases every item needed for the build. If there are optional items, include those in a separate image.

  2. List all the items included from required items starting at the top of the list and otional items listed and labeled "optional" after required items.

Build Steps Summary

List all the main points of the build, have optional items noted.

  1. The first step for all the sets is going to be a recommendation for Flashing Firmware.

  2. Other things will happen in different sequences

Flashing Firmware

Provide a brief explanation and also direct readers to our ultimate flashing page. It's coming soon!

Prepare Components

Advise the reader of helpful prep so they can proceed to begin the build. For example, if a user would be helped to fold diodes at this phase, instruct them to do so: “You’ll find the following steps easier if you fold diodes first. Hop to that, and then hop to the next step.”

Solder Components

Advise the reader if certain things need to be soldered within a sequence or not. List optional soldering after required soldering (provided they don't hinder the other).

  • If there are any things missing from the build or needed workarounds, include them prior to the step where the issue might arise in the build

Optional but needed in a certain sequence

Advise the reader of optional additions that can be made, but place them within the guide where it would be best handled.

Solder Switches

Have any cautions about final soldering precede this section for the reader.


Following soldering parts together, if there is a specific sequence for the assembly of the items, number each item distinctly and clearly.


As in builds like the Quefrency Rev. 2, programming is required before concluding the build.


You have a brand-new mechanical keyboard to aid your quest of computer usage with less strain on yours wrists in style!

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